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Pangéa is a progressive rock/metal band based in Israel. The band started off in 2013, and has since formed a solid repertoire and a unique style.

"Before parting, all continents we know today were part of one, vast super-continent called Pangéa.
Now, hundreds of millions of years later, with technology, airplanes and the internet - the oceans that once separated us are losing their significance. Distances are shrinking, and the broken pieces are once
again becoming one."

All four band members participate in the writing process, which gives the music its variety of influences,
from classical to ethnic and even electronic music.

Now the band is working on their debut album.

The band members are:

  • Vocalist and keyboardist Evelyn Genis 

  • Guitarist Nadav Ben Hamo 

  • Bassist El'ad Cohen

  • Drummer Itay Tydor


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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel